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Parvati Valley- One Of The Destinations For The Best Trips For Solo Travellers


Parvati valley is one of the most beautiful destinations of Himalayan region that paves a completely different way to quench your travelling thirst. There are a lot of places you can explore in the Parvati valley with perfect timing. This is the reason why it’s called“backpacker’s paradise” as it should be the first choice for solo travel trips.  It’s not wrong if I say, Parvati valley is a treasure of destinations, and you will realize it once you get there. Not Indians, even Israeli travellers also realized the same fact. If someone asks what is the best trips for solo travellers nearby Delhi, one shouldn’t forget telling about Parvati valley first!


Famous as a Mini-Israel of India, this small village turned buzzling destination is something every traveller wants to visit. Be it peace of Parvati river, be it best authentic international food of Israel, Germany or Italy, be it secret rave parties, be it best cafe culture, be it breath-taking camping experience, Kasol has all of it. Just get lost there for a while, and find you alter ego.


This village is world famous for two reasons,  first for its bizarre culture and second for its' hashish-“Malana Cream” which was awarded as world's best hashish. Local residents believe themselves as the descendants of Alexander, so they feel every human inferior to them, be it anyone. That’s why you can’t touch any wall of the village, or can’t even enter local buildings. They have their own constitution and Indian constituent doesn’t affect them. The cultural amalgamation and the splendid mountainous world will leave you spellbound for sure.

Manikaran Sahib

Located at footsteps of rising peaks, Manikaran Sahib is a destination, which is famous for its sulfur hot water springs spurting out of the stony river. This holy place is believed to be magical for the many if you have that faith. There is a gurudwara where you can stay for free and volunteer too. The feeling of hot-water springs, holy Parvati river and this place itself is purely spiritual, and nothing in the world is better than having that rare feeling.


Small hamlets located at the other side of Barshaini are the best if you are finding an escape for peace. Slow life, interesting culture and breath-taking surroundings-everything make it something to treat your wanderlust persona. Find a homestay and live the local Pahaadi life. One day you will call it one of the best solo travel trips.

Tosh is another small village famous for its silent life. You just need to go there, and the stopped time will take you to another side of the world. Enjoy the gifts rendered by nature, have some good food, enjoy the culture of locals and cafe, get high and get lost for a moment to find yourself that was never discovered before.

Apart from this, there are many other things to do as well, as Parvati valley is unending experience if you are a true traveller. Undoubtedly it always remains as one of the best trips for solo travellers they have in their life. Kullu- the heaven for rafting is not that far even as you can go there anytime. You can do adventurous activities there. Malana Hydro project is also a must visit kind of if you are interested. So the list doesn’t end here, but all you need to do is going there with a keen heart.

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