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10 Common Questions You Face As A Solo Female Traveller


Travelling is an incredible experience. It alone has a liberating feeling. You can do whatever you want, roam around wherever you feel like. You are taking care of only yourself, and you have the immense freedom.

But as a solo female traveller, you have your fair share of precautions to be taken and questions to be answered. Be it from your fellow travellers, friends, family or it can be anyone you meet on the way. As much as you get tired of hearing and answering these questions, there seems to be no end to it.

So, what makes people so curious about solo women travellers:

1.    Aren't you afraid to travel alone? Yes, just like anyone who is planning to travel alone has their fear and uncertainties, you have it as well. But any unfounded fear should not stop you from doing what you love. If you are well prepared with the precautions to be taken and know what to do precisely on an unknown land, then you are a lot safer.

2.    How did you convince your family? It's not easy to convince your family for solo trips. Sit with them. Have proper communication on what you are up to. Don't rebel and try to prove them wrong. Their worries are genuine. Make sure you let them know that you have planned it well and you have done your homework before jumping on to the decision of solo travelling. Keep in contact when you are away. They will be less worried about you.

3.    How do you stay with strangers? This part of the solo trip can be a little tricky for women. Do your homework and read about hotels or hostels which offer you excellent accommodation and deals. There are plenty of sites like dealvoucherz which provides you with great deals and vouchers. Let them know what your priorities are about staying. You may be accommodated with a fellow traveller too.

4.    How do you keep your things/valuables safe? When you are away from home, you are your guardian. Know how to protect your belongings. Make sure not to accumulate money and cards at a single place. Avoid taking hard cash in bundles. Carry international cards so that it's convenient for you to withdraw some cash in local currencies. Avoid flashing your valuables in crowded places.

5.    Don't you feel lonely?It would be a lie if the answer is no. The moment you're away from home and travelling alone, there are moments when you feel lonely and lost. Don't let it get onto your head. Go out, make new friends and walk around the city. Try to stay in crowded places. It's nice to have people around even though you don't feel like reaching out and making friends. And friends and family are a call away.

6.    How do you keep yourself safe? It's undeniable that when you wander on an unknown land, you study about how things work there. Make sure you don't invite any unwanted attention which might make you feel awkward. Don't wander off on the deserted streets on your own. Don't trust strangers too quickly and most importantly if you are feeling uncomfortable in any situation, get away from it. Trust your gut feeling; it is never wrong.

7.    Don't you have a partner or friends to travel with? Travelling solo doesn't mean you are single. It's nice to spend time with your loved ones on trips or vacations but it's also important to enjoy your own company. Some of the travellers are married, few have their partners back home. When they are perfectly fine with the idea of you traveling alone, you don't need to give in for the pressure of people's raising eyebrows.

8.    How do you make friends: Making friends does not have anything to do with your gender. If you are an outspoken and socializing person, it won't be difficult for you to make friends. You can communicate with the locals or fellow travellers. And surprisingly, travellers are the friendliest people. It's very easy to make friends from the lot you are traveling with.

9.    How do you manage it on your periods? Well just like they do when at home. It is true that extra precautions are needed when you are traveling. Take extra pads or tampons, whatever you use and keep them handy. Make sure you don't have to run around when you get periods on the trip.

10.    Do you advise the same thing to your friends or family? Why not! When you know the dos and don'ts and how amazing it is to experience that sense of freedom of getting lost in the wanderlust, then every woman/girl must definitely try solo trips. Remember, it's about taking that one step and make it worth.

So, people calm down. Solo travelling for women is not as dangerous as you think, or you question it to be, as long as one is careful enough. Never suppress your dream of drifting away from where your heart takes. So, ladies, gear up for the next adventure trip you have planned on.

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