The Beautiful Balearic's Are Ideal For Luxury Yacht Charters


Those looking for yacht charters around the world undoubtedly have a wide and varied choice. But for any party based in Europe, sailing around Spain’s beautiful Balearic Islands are an excellent choice.

Here’s what such a holiday can offer along with some major reasons why this arresting archipelago continues to attract those looking for a relaxing, refreshing break sailing the azure Mediterranean Sea.

The Balearic Island chain:

The 4 major islands that make up the stunning Balearic Island chain consist of Mallorca (Majorca), Menorca (Minorca), Ibiza and Formentera.

Blessed with a rich history that stretches back to the ancient Greek and Phoenician civilisations, human habitation dating back almost 8,000 years has been discovered.

In excess of 300 beaches stretch across the 4 islands. This gives an excellent choice in terms of laying anchor. Whether you are looking for popular beaches with facilities galore or deserted coves to discover and have to yourself there is something for everyone. Indeed, the experience of a luxury yacht charter means you can experience the best of both worlds.

Mallorca: Is the largest of the Balearic Isles and is home to the capital: Palma del Mallorca. Throughout the island you will come across historic buildings, stunning landscapes, and particularly in the capital an ambience that can only be described as cosmopolitan.

Mallorca is also home to an excellent choice of marinas and is a perfect spot to begin a yacht charter.
In terms of world-renowned marinas there is the Real Club Nautico de Palma Marina which is the islands main marina which is situated by the city’s cathedral. Another superb choice is the “super yacht” Port Adriano Marina. Stunningly designed by Philippe Stark this fully-functional work of art is located 9km southwest of the capital.

Find out how you can book a day charter Mallorca here.

Menorca: A truly beautiful island offering an excellent mix of peace, tranquility and stunning vistas. Those looking for a wide choice when it comes to sand and surf will certainly not be disappointed. Menorca has over 100 beaches to offer.

Some are easily accessible and quite rightly popular with families and couples, others can only be accessed via boat.    Menorca is arguably the best island in the group for family holidays. It has enough to see and do, but offers endless opportunities for those looking to wind-down and totally relax.

Those on a yacht charter will have no problems mooring at one of the marinas around Menorca. An example being Puerto Deportivo De Cala’n Bosch on the southwest coast.

Ibiza: For sophisticated nightlife, trendy bars and hip restaurants “The White Isle” is certainly the place to be, but if offers far more. Relaxing beaches and countryside eateries offer a wide and varied choice and a stroll through the UNESCO-listed Old Town displaying fabulous architecture and shops selling quality clothing and souvenirs is an absolute must.

Ibiza is obviously a popular place for day charters to lay anchor and take advantage of the beaches, restaurants and laid-back (daytime!) vibe, but any party on a longer charter can rest assured that mooring options are theirs.

Three examples of berthing facilities are:

The upmarket Marina Botafoch. This is often a temporary home to the most beautiful visiting yachts in all of the Balearics. Located on the north side of the Port of Ibiza the marina is home to top restaurants, cafes and boutiques.

Marina Magna Ibiza is another superb, luxury marina with the advantage of a city centre location. Situated at the bottom of the old town it affords stunning Mediterranean views. This marina has been purpose-built to cater for the newest breed of superyachts and its highly prestigious club house is the perfect venue for socialising. Those looking for a quieter mooring in a beautiful location can dock at Puerto de Santa Eulalia. The marina has a wide selection of shops, bars and restaurants and is just 15km from Ibiza Town.

Formentera: In contrast to the busy island of Ibiza and its lively nightlife, Formentera is the least known and lesser visited of the Balearics. Incorporating a UNESCO-listed maritime natural park that includes land and sea over a 10,000-hectare span, you will find deserted coves and beach seclusion in stunning natural surroundings.

Mooring is available at several marinas including the charming Marina de Formentera with 64 berths for boats up to 38 metres in length, and Formentera Mar with 93 berths to accommodate boats up to 30 metres in length. Both offer shopping and restaurant opportunities as well as nautical facilities.

A day on the open sea or longer?

For many holidaymakers a day’s yacht charter is a perfect addition to their well-deserved Balearic break. It offers relaxation, water-sport fun with a wide array of exclusive water-toys to make use of and stops at hidden coves, quiet beaches and stops at some of the most renowned, popular spots throughout the archipelago.

Drinks and food can be served on board and the pace of the day is set by the individual needs of each party. While this is certainly a rewarding, memorable day, many parties decide to extend their time on the Mediterranean Sea by spending longer aboard. Popular examples range between 3-14 nights at sea while laying anchor each evening.

The obvious advantage of longer trips is that it enables you and your party to take in the unique setting of each of the islands. An added advantage is the premium comfort offered while living aboard.

It goes without saying that quality yacht charters offer quality accommodation. Such an experience offers excellent accommodation with air-conditioned, en-suite sleeping berths and top-notch relaxation areas.

Make the most of your Balearic holiday:

Deciding which of the 4 beautiful Balearic Islands you will spend your well-deserved holiday on is a tough but very pleasurable task! This is because each has its own individuality and charm. One factor that is not in question is that all are truly worthy of an extended stay.

However, to help resolve your Balearic holiday dilemma there is a perfect solution!

Instead of a day yacht charter opt for an extended 7 or 8 nights aboard a luxury yacht and then spend the same amount of time on the island that really takes your fancy.

For those who know which island they want to spend time on that part of your journey can be booked in advance, but for those who want to see which island suits their mood then looking at each while on your extended luxury yacht charter is the perfect way to go.

The choice will not be an easy one but making the decision while cruising at leisure on the azure Mediterranean Sea will surely be a most pleasurable experience!

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