3 Places of Interest in Havana: Capitol, Revolution Museum, Hemingway House


Havana sprawls with several sites of attraction, and it is undoubtedly one of the best places for vacation.  In this write-up, you will learn about the best three places to include in your list of must-visit places in Havana when traveling there.

El Capitolio

Another name for this building is National Capitol Building.  It was used by the Cuban government until 1959 when the Cuban Revolution took place.  Today, it now serves as the home to the Cuban Academy of Sciences.  Its design is similar to that of the United States Capitol.  However, it is not a replica of the latter. 

The building was completed in 1929 and was once the tallest of all the buildings in Havana. It maintained this tallest-building status until the 1950s. Aside from being the once tallest building in Havana, it also houses the third largest indoor status in the world today.  Furthermore, the total cost of erecting the building was 17 million pesos.  And it was designed and constructed by renowned architects and builders, like Piedra, Eugenio Rayneri, and Raul Otero.

Museum of Revolution

The museum is located in the Old Havana section of Havana.  The building housing the museum once housed the Presidential Palace of Cuban past presidents up to Fulgencio Batista.  Its name and purpose were changed after the Cuban Revolution. The design was done by Carlos Maruri and Paul Belau, who was from Belgium.  President Mario Garcia Menocal did the inauguration in 1920. 

Additionally, the decoration was done by Tiffany Studio of New York City, and it has several Neo-Classical elements that are worth seeing. You can find several exhibits in this building, which open the eyes to Cuban history, especially during the revolutionary war that ended in 1959. Several exhibits related to the War of Independence as waged against Spain can also be found in the museum.

Gramma Memorial, which houses the Granma, lies behind the Museum of Revolution; Granma is the yacht that took Raul Castro, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara and several other revolutionaries to Cuba from Mexico for the revolution.

Hemingway House

Hemingway House is a lovely building. However, you cannot enter into the building, neither can you can peep through the windows since it has no door or window. You can, however, look in by standing in. 

Many rooms can be found in it, and several hunting trophies also lie all about the place. However, you will not have access to any guide. As a result, you are left to imagine what each of the rooms stands for. There are also books in all the rooms, aside from the innumerable animals and trophies. He also buried his four dead ducks within the building. The setting is lovely, but there are no signs or information about the building.

The three great buildings mentioned above are just three of the several great sights to see in Havana, Cuba. Lot more great sights await you in this ancient city. You will get great value for your money here, and the fun is endless. You can get a direct flight from Southwest Florida International Airport to Jose Marti International Airport.  

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