Trip to Wadi Shab, Wadi Tiwi And Bama Sinkhole


The coastal road is an inviting stretch of road which runs along the coast of Oman and is sandwiched between the beautiful ocean on one side and the spectacular mountains on the other. 

Your first stop is the fishing town of Quriyat with its quaint fortress. Drive along the coastal road to Finns Beach with its white sand beaches and the waves splashing onto the coast which are breathtakingly beautiful.

The Bama sink hole has stairs leading down to the water which is a beautiful colour and is fed by the ocean.  It is quite a large hole, in depth and breadth, and has a railing all around to prevent any accidents.  

One of the more magnificent wadis on the coastal road is Wadi Shab.  The sunlight streams through an opening between two large mountains, at the foot of which is not only the wadi but a beautiful grassy area. After a short swim through a narrow keyhole, a large cave with a waterfall is an unexpected sight.

Wadi Tiwi on the coast is a picturesque fishing village overlooking old houses. A small fort guards the entrance to this lush green wadi with fresh water that flows from mountain springs. Walk along banana plantations, date palms and up narrow rocky paths. Small fields surround pools of clear water.
Drive to the ancient town of Tanuf for a photo stop. 

Like many Omani villages, there is a deserted mud-village here. Drive on to the deep ravines of Wadi Ghul en route to the towering mountains of Jabal Shams, which literally means Mountain of the Sun, is Oman's highest peak at 10,000 feet and is often hailed as the Sultanate's own version of the Grand Canyon!!! Experience an untamed and rugged countryside, a pristine world interrupted here and there by tiny settlements.

Return to Muscat via Balaid Sait and Wadi Bani Auf, an ancient wadi offering breathtaking vistas along its 26-kilometre trail. A little gap in the mountains, barely discernible from the main road, reveals the entrance to the wadi, which cuts a swathe deep into the mountainous terrain. Atop its craggy summit, a crumbling watchtower, picturesque in ruin, marks the entrance to the wadi. 

A short distance ahead, a splash of vivid green brings you to a delightful oasis village. Sweet lime, banana and fodder are also grown here. Because of its location at the bottom of a gorge, sunrise is almost three hours late over the wadi.

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