The Information You Have To Know To Trek in Alwar


Alwar is a beautiful city in Rajasthan. It comprises beautiful mountains, landscapes, tourist places etc. Alwar city is famous for adventurous acts like trekking, cycling, para-gliding etc. The best ever place to trek in Alwar region is the Mount Abu. Not only Mount Abu, some jungle treks like Sariska-Alwar-Amber belt, Siliserh Lake Etc.

First of all to start trekking in Alwar we must have some basic knowledge on trekking. The forest area and the hilly mountains in Alwar are suitable for trekking.

Trekking necessaries:

Trekking in Alwar region is not so difficult to trek. The weather conditions and the forest area in Alwar city are suitable for the beginners. And let’s know some technical points before you trek in any place, not in only Alwar.

l  Always be preparing to the environmental conditions in the region and wear the suitable clothes to the place’s climate and weather.

l  The essential requirement for trekking in Alwar city is shoes, thick clothes, and trekking poles.

l  Important things to carry are eatables like fruits, peanut butter, fruit bars, and a lot of water. These eatables make you not to feel sultry and weak.

l  Pack your bags lightly and keep some necessary things like a torch, matchboxes etc.
These things are enough for trekking in Alwar region. Trekking in Alwar region is comparable is easy with other places.

Best places to trek in Alwar:

The best places to visit for trekking in Alwar city is Mount Abu, Sariska-Alwar-Amber belt, Siliserh Lake Etc. These are the famous trekking points in Alwar city. Among them Mount Abu trek point is famous.

Mount Abu: Mount Abu is the famous trekking point in Alwar city. While trekking Mount Abu, you can see the beauty of nature and flora & fauna of the mountain. During trekking, you will come across caves, wildlife of Alwar region. Trekking Mount Abu Mountain will be most loved by geologist and cave lovers to explore the geological marks.

The activities can be carried on Mount Abu are trekking and caving. During these activities, it is better to wear full sleeve, track pants, jeans, and T-shirt are recommended for easy and also shoes are enough.

Trekking in Sariska – Alwar - Amber Belt: Sariska also a famous trek point in Alwar city. This adventurous activity will be carried on Siliserh lakeside and Sariska jungle. Trekking in Sariska is group type and you can go through different wildlife of Sariska jungle and environment.

The activities that can be done here trekking and crocodile sighting. To trek in this region, an experienced guide is mandatory because it is a thick jungle. Important things to carry during trekking here are extra clothes, sports shoes, sunscreen and hat, long or 3 quarter pants for rainforest walk etc.
Trekking in Sariska-Alwar-Amber belt will give you the best experience of your Rajasthan Tour. The best ever jungle trek means it will be Sariska only.

Safety measure to be taken:

Some safety measure should be followed while trekking. They are following:

l  Always move in groups and don’t go alone. If you move alone you may leave alone and by mistake, you will be miss in the jungle.

l  Be aware of animals while trekking in the forest. Be prepared to rescue from animals.

l  Always carry small knives, torches, compass, maps etc for security.

Best time to trek in Amber:

Winter is the best time to trek in Amber city. Trekking can be started in Amber by choosing camps in the open countryside. Hotels and resort are also available near trekking points.

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