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How to Plan a Remarkable Spinster Trip at Sunny Towers Colwyn Bay


Are you getting hitched anytime soon? If yes, then you must be taking care of the last minute's arrangements right now. Booking venue and shopping for your wedding dresses are right now your top priority. But have you thought of a grand spinster party? If no, then you must start planning right away. 

After all, this will be last few days when you will get to spend some time with your gang of girls. If you are thinking of a night party with your best friends, visiting a pub and downing a few glasses of wine, then please refrain from such a mainstream idea. When your beau is about to have a much-awaited road trip with his buddies, what are you waiting for? Plan a leisurely holiday with your best girls. Surely you all deserve a few days together to play goofballs and most importantly you need a relaxing vacation before you don the bridal attire and take a step forward into a life.

So, are you wondering where you can go for such a spinster trip? If yes, then here is a solution for you. Take a break from the city life and set out in an SUV for a trip to Colwyn Bay. This beautiful place is located in the nook of the stunning Northern Wales coastal areas. You will find an abundance of rugged beauty of the country as well as the modern comfort and convenience. Where will you stay? Sunnytowers Colwyn Bay will be the right place for you. How can you plan your spinster party there? Take a look at the following points to get inspired.

Frolicking in the Beach

After you reach Sunny Towers with your squad, bring out all your swimsuits and head out to the beach directly. Don’t forget to pick a stack of beers with you. Frolic on the beach or in the water, spread the blanket on the sand and get a gorgeous tan with the sunbathing while sipping leisurely from the bottle of beer. Doesn’t this sound like the dream trip all of you have been waiting for? Get some gorgeous pictures on the beach and post them on Instagram, to your would-be groom’s envy. .

A girls’ Night Out

Don’t rule out the option of going to a pub and dance the night out with your girlfriends. Doll up one evening, put on your stilettos and set out for a girls’ night. Sunny Towers Colwyn Bay is located close to some really great pubs and restaurants. Rhos-on-Sea or Old Colwyn can also give you some great option for such a night. Down a few shots and set the dance floor on fire. Or maybe sit on the barstool, look around and have fun when your girlfriends keep flirting with cute boys.

Plan a Potpourri

Right now, you are the centre of attention. Obviously, you can demand that your best girls will shower you with too much love and pampering. Plan a lazy potpourri at home away from home. Sunny Towers, the old Victorian mansion provides you with enough space and amenities to cook and gorge on delicious dishes. Ask your friends to cook your favourite dishes and you just sit back and wait for a leisurely brunch. There is a side patio too where you can get barbeque and enjoy an outdoor lunch too.

 The main aim of this trip is to make memories that will not only let you enjoy a super time before your wedding but will also make you smile when you will leaf through the old albums or click on the old pictures on the social media. So, now after going through these points, surely there is no dearth of inspiration for your spinster party. Now, just pack your bags, plan the date and set out for this most cherishable trip of your life with your best friends.

Author Bio: Henry Riggs is a famous travel blogger and a regular visitor at Sunny Towers Colwyn Bay.  Here, he writes how you can plan a great spinster trip at Sunnytowers Colwyn Bay.

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