Planning Guide for Kanha National Park


Kanha is a big national park, as well as one of the best tiger reserve, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. National parks are basically reserve of semi-natural, natural, or a developed land, which any sovereign state owns or declares and uses it for the purpose of conservation, and this is what the Kanha National Park does as well.

Kanha is situated in Satpuras’ Maikal Hills that is spread across two of the districts, which are Balaghat and Mandla. Kanha, in the year 1879, had been declared as reserve forest, and in the year 1933 as wildlife sanctuary, which in the year 1955, got endorsed to be known as National Park. This national park is one of the largest parks, where you will get to see amazing, hills, grassy meadows, ravines, numerous lakes, and bamboo forests, which fosters rich wildlife population. While in Kanha, you may get the chance to see leopard, langurs, bisons, sloth bear, birds, wild pigs, sambar, spotted deer, Barasingha tiger, and many more.

Best time to Visit:

The ideal time to visit is from October to June. From July through mid-October, this park stays closed, because of the rains. However, the time you will get to spot many of the wildlife is during summerseason, that is from May to June, as at this time it stays hot, so many animals get out in order to look for water sources.

During the open season, the hours to visit park are according to this:

·        15th of November till 15th of February, it opens early by sunrise till 12:00 in the afternoon, and 3:00 PM onwards stays open till sunset.
·        16th of February till 30th of April, it opens by sunrise till 12:00 in the afternoon, and again by 4:00 PM onwards stays open till sunset.
·        1st of May till 30th June, it opens by sunrise till 11:00 AM, and again by 4:00 PM till sunset, stays open.

How to Reach:

·        By Air: Jabalpur, Raipur, and Nagpur turn out to be the nearest airport, from where you can reach Kanha by road. Travel time from Jabalpur to National Park is up to 3 hours with the distance of 170 km, from Raipur it is approx. 4.5 hours with the distance of 225 km, and from Nagpur it is around 5.5 hours with the distance of 270 km.

·        By Rail:Jabalpur tends to the most convenient and nearest railway. Distance then required to cover through road from railway station is 170 km, with the travel time of 3.5 hours to Kanha. Another railway you can opt for is Gondia, but this is convenient for the ones who are travelling from Kolkata and Mumbai, as from Delhi there isn’t any trains to Gondia. By road, the distance to reach Kanha is up to 120 km, with the travel time of 3 hours.

·        By Road: You will find bus service, which is available daily for Mukki and Kisli, from Jabalpur. You can also hire taxis from Bilaspur, Raipur, and Jabalpur. After dark, vehicles aren’t allowed in the park.

Wildlife Safari:

You can book online Safari tickets, or you can book also via the resort you are planning to stay in, just have to let them. Booking prior would be much better, as timings you can select the best as per your preference. Entry tickets are also to be collected, that is by the entrance gate of Kanha National Park. There are also several additional charges that you will have to pay, such as park rates, booking charges, guide fees, and so on.

Like any other parks in Madhya Pradesh, Kanha permits only six people in jeep, plus the driver and park guide, which are mandatory. Eight guest per jeep could get crowded, so it is suggested for the best to have only six, and for the photographers only 2 guests are advisable in jeep.

There are four types of activities that you can partake in Kanha National Park:

1.      Elephant Safari

This is simply joy ride, which is organized for morning sessions only for an hour. This joy ride takes place within Kisli and Kanha zone only. Elephant Safari is not permitted to be booked prior, as it depends upon the elephants’ availability, which can be known on that day itself of the ride. Although in order to experience this ride, you will be required to book an exclusive ticket for jeep safari for Kisli or Kanha zone. Along with the tickets for jeep safari, there will be extra charges particularly for elephant safari.

2.      Kanha Museum:

This park is very interesting place that you can opt to see, as it is where you can get to understand various interesting aspects about the park, and the topography. It holds several valuable works relating to the history.

3.      Night Safari

This activity has been introduced in the park recently, where you can take a safari ride at night time in Khatia zone. At this time, only the safari’s headlight is to be left on, other than that, you aren’t permitted to use flash lights, as the wildlife would be disturbed by that, and could be hazardous, especially when it is during night time. This night safari rides lasts for 2 hours, and tickets for this aren’t available online. For this ride, you will have to purchase tickets from the gate itself. You can also ask the lodge or the resort, where you are planning to stay, to book it for you.

4.      Nature Trail

This is quite an interesting activity for all the nature enthusiasts. This way you can walk around the jungle, and enjoy all little wonders around. You will be accompanied with trained naturalist, who will guide you through different butterflies, small mammals, flora, birds, and insects, as you walk around.

Jungles are a form of addiction, you may not believe it, as many of the materialistic things could be addictive, but once you visit Kanha National Park, you will believe it to be true. As this is one of the most amazing jungles, you will come across in India. You can book Kanha National Park tour package, so that you can have everything pre-planned. 

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